PTAC Cooling Calculator

Step #1: Use our PTAC Cooling Calculator below to calculate your maximum cooling BTU/HR.
Step #2: Proceed to the PTAC Selection Wizard to refine your selection.


PTAC Cooling Calculator. To Use This Free Online PTAC Cooling Calculator A Flash Player Needs To Be Installed.


NOTE: The sizing recommendations we provide are for estimating purposes only. A true engineering calculation would take into account wall thicknesses, R-Values, windows, doors, lighting, appliances, number of people, ventilation loads, etc. What we're trying to say is if you are adding (1) PTAC above your finished garage, these recommendations are fine, but if you’re renovating a hotel with 200 rooms, call an HVAC engineer!

** If the wattage is not listed on your appliance, it can be calculated using this formula:
      Volts X Amps = Watts