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That unit you've seen in every hotel room for the past 50 years actually has a name. Air conditioning industry professionals typically identify it as a "PTAC". The acronym PTAC represents Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner. The folks at have been working with PTAC units for decades. is an incredible guide that helps you select the right PTAC unit for your application.

PTAC Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner


Reasons To Install A PTAC Unit:

Every year more and more landlords, facility engineers, property managers and homeowners are realizing the advantages PTAC units offer over centralized HVAC systems.
There are 6 basic reasons why you see PTAC units in most hotel rooms; they are simple to use, simple to install, inexpensive, reliable, efficient, and they operate independently from a centralized HVAC system. Most hotels carry an inventory of spare PTAC units. If a unit fails, it can be quickly replaced without calling an HVAC expert. Centralized HVAC systems can't offer this piece of mind.

PTAC Units Are Simple To Install


PTAC Units Are Simple To Install:

PTAC units don't get the recognition they deserve. There's no clear building trade that can take ownership of the product. A PTAC is a self- contained air conditioning system, but it really doesn't require an air conditioning contractor to install it.
A typical installation requires a carpenter to cut a hole in the wall and an electrician to wire an electrical receptacle close by. The service requirements are minimal, and when a PTAC unit reaches the end of its useful life, you simply buy a replacement chassis and slide it into the existing wall sleeve. Even though a PTAC may be perfect for your application, why would your HVAC contractor recommend a system that doesn't really require an HVAC contractor? Distribution is also difficult. Does it belong with appliance distributors that sell microwave ovens and clothes dryers, big box stores that sell cheap imported window air conditioners, or HVAC distributors that specialize in air conditioning products? We decided it was time for a website that was dedicated to this under-promoted product!


PTAC Cooling Calculator

PTAC Cooling Calculator

Use our PTAC Cooling Calculator to calculate your maximum cooling BTU/HR.


PTAC Selection Wizard

PTAC Selection Wizard

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Answers to commonly asked PTAC questions.


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